Copycat Finance
For the estimated time of arrival (ETA), we're trying hard to get everything done on plan, but some tasks may get delay depending on third parties. Anyways, our team will take all the responsibilities to resolve all unexpected incoming issues to make sure everyone is happy.

Quarter 2, 2021

    Project brainstorming
    Project development kickoff for the very first time
    Team expansion

Quarter 3, 2021

    Private Sale (SOLD OUT in 14 hours)
    IDO (ApeTools)
    Listing on ApeSwap (8th September)
    COPYCAT Token Launch (8th September)
    Community Driven
    Launch of โ€“ #1 Innovative Decentralized Copy Trading & Copy Farming Platform
    Apply for Listings on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, DappRadar, BscScan, etc.
    Launch single asset pool for yield farming
    Liquidity Mining (Stake various of COPYCAT-LPs to earn COPYCAT rewards)
    Launch of Copy Trading Features (Master trader/ Follower/ Multiple extreme rewards for all Copycat crews)
    Copy Trading tier arrangement (Star / Professional / Amateur)
    Acquire awesome Master traders around the Copycat Planet
    Support for MetaMask wallet / Trust wallet
    Audits (Certik, Rugdoc, Paladinsec, etc.)

Quarter 4, 2021

    Launch of Copy Farming, the great engine ever for both professional & newbie yield farmers
    Copycat Trading Competitions
    Secret Partnership
    Upgrade Copy Trading feature to support profit sharing for all master traders
    Master's performance analytics (graph)
    NFT project for Naming, Special Cat Avatar, Cat Surrogate
    List on major CEX
    Hidden features announcement
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