We are launching Copygame feature to support the trending of GameFi projects by using our Copycat based protocol. We have enhanced the system to support all the incoming blockchain game projects worldwide.

Those GameFi projects which require decentralized guild system can connect to our protocol and generate the guild system with less effort.

Copy gaming is a new feature for supporting the e-sport world and GameFi ecosystem with a multi-chain function. It connects pro-gamers with investors who love to support them with a decentralized profit-sharing scholarship system. This feature is created to leverage the GameFi industry and move the crypto world forward to another step. By developing this feature, itโ€™s the enhancement of Copycat protocol.

Step-by-step How to start using CopyGame

Letโ€™s start by applying to be a Copy Game Master (https://v2.copycat.finance/applycopygame)

  • Set up your Master name, Description, and Ranking

  • When you are applying to be a game master. You must set the deposit fees in $COPYCAT token or select to charge in percentage (%).

  • Select your avatar

  • Select the game tag that you are playing

  • For the deposit token, you can set the acceptance for $BUSD, $BNB, $USDT, or $COPYCAT for the in-game deposit. You can limit the amount for the incoming deposit as well.

  • Application fee: none (Only Amateur is free for testing)

After you have done registration, your master account will be shown in the copy list section.

Then you can go to the game. The first game partner is 2048 Finance which supports the copy game feature. (https://2048.finance)

When you select โ€œConnect Walletโ€, it will automatically show like the image below:

There are 3 sections you need to know:

My Wallet -> Playing under your own wallet account

My Master -> All master accounts that you have applied through copy game on Copycat Finance. Funds are coming from those public investors or you can fund into your own pool as well.

My Scholarship -> Playing the game for a specific investor. Itโ€™s only shown when the investor allows you to play for his/her account with profit-sharing terms. (Not available yet)

In case, you have many roles. Please select the wallet carefully before starting to play the game in order to avoid any mistakes.

Letโ€™s enjoy our first play and earn game: 2048 Finance

Reward Distribution

Decentralized guild system is designed for all the reward management between parties such as investors, players, and scholars. All the rewards are shared automatically according to the setting.

After you have finished playing a game, if you played for your master or play as a scholar for someone. The reward will be shared according to commission rate setting. However, in the testing phase, we have not yet opened the commission setting, so you wonโ€™t receive any commission in the testing phase.

Letโ€™s join and test our service, there will be many incoming game partners worldwide joining our protocol as well. Playing on our open beta test game and applying for a game master on Copycat Finance can get the free NFT drop as badge and in-game drop for free.

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