🙀Copy Trading

Copy Trading Features

COPYCAT gives you the chance to invest in the successful strategies of other master traders from all over the world. Use our leading copy trading engine building on DeFi technology to automatically copy their trading portfolio. With these 3 steps; Choose a master's strategy, invest funds and earn from every profitable trade.


Being a Master

  • Choose your display name, introduce yourself in the description, select your avatar.

  • Choose your desired level (Star / Professional / Amateur)

  • Setup deposit/withdrawal fees (The charging fees will be applied when the follower select to copy your portfolio)

  • Select to apply for Master ($COPYCAT token is required regarding your selected level)

  • Start trading with the listed tokens.

CopyList (Master List)

  • There are 3 main types of traders; Star, Professional, and Amateur.

Being a Follower

  • Explore Masters' strategies showing in the CopyList section.

  • Find the Master you like (DisplayName/Description/Avatar Style)

  • Confirm with Master's %return (Qualified)

  • Select to copy ($COPYCAT token is required)

  • Allocate your funds to follow your beloved Master (only BNB token accepted)

  • Receive CPC_master tokens as contract tokens.

  • Enjoy your allocated profit from the Master's pool.

  • You can add funds or select to withdraw(swap CPC_master token back to BNB) at any time.


  • Copycat Finance uses BNB as a native-based token.

  • Listed tokens that are available for Master to swap/trade will be started with the top cap coins/tokens only. (To avoid risk to newbie followers)

  • Master can only swap/trade through the only given routers to avoid all the unverified risks.

  • Most of the fees will be charged in $COPYCAT token, so be prepared before joining the Copy Trading.

  • The follower can deposit/withdraw funds at any time (No obligation).

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