👪Referral Program

Get more COPYCAT rewards with more friends

An on-chain referral program has been implemented to incentivize users to invite friends to join the presale and farming. Inviters can earn 2% of his/her friends' earnings forever. Our referral program lets users earn COPYCAT without depositing any tokens

  1. Generate your wallet to get your unique referral link

  2. Share your referral link with your friends

  3. When your friends connect wallet, local storage will be recorded in his browser that he is referred by you

  4. When your friends *USE THE SAME BROWSER* to deposit the first time, your wallet will be recorded in the system.

  5. Every time your friends buy COPYCAT presale/harvest rewards from farms, you will receive referral commissions send to your wallet automatically

  6. The current referral commission rate is 2%

When will I receive my Referral Reward?

You will automatically receive a COPYCAT token reward in your wallet whenever the referred user Purchases Presale / Harvests / Withdraws from our Farms and/or Pools.

Will I lose % of my income to the referrer because of using his referral link?

No! The contract will automatically mint another 2% and send it to the referrer's wallet (Presale& Private Sale). So you and he earn together, you don't lose anything from your harvested rewards.

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